March 28, 2012

One year ago...

About a year ago I wrote this post.

Think about where you were a year ago.

Did you think you would be where you are now?

Think about where you will be one year from now.

Turns out my predictions from last year were pretty close. My friends are starting to come home from their missions, and my girl friends have left/are leaving really soon...WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I'm actually getting ready to go to Spain for the spring, not Washington DC and I COULD NOT be happier about that. Yes...I am single...I know myself ALL TOO WELL. The running thing...hahahaha. I tried to run yesterday and I think I made it maybe one mile? It was so pathetic! Time to get my butt back in gear. I have a job that I love A LOT and it has nothing to do with nannying. My fashion sense has, in fact, increased significantly. Mostly because I have to wear business casual to work. I never started that club I had thought about starting. Finishing up Junior year is about to get really crazy. And I am actually NOT planning Abby's summer wedding. Heh heh.

This time last year I had about a month left in Russia. One of the greatest experiences of my life. This was probably around the same time that we got Tangled on DVD and watched it multiple times per day.

I have been on more dates since the beginning of this calendar year than my total number of dates since I got to college. YAY, ME. This was unforseeable.


Okay, and can we just talk about one thing for a second? Last year on Justin Bieber's birthday I spent like an hour making him a birthday sign. This year I could not have cared less. The other day I took down my JB poster and threw it away. Also, my JB calendar. And his new song is not good. SEE YA.


Almost graduated.

Having a blast w/ McClickey? (PLEASE.)

Getting ready to go on a mission.

Brown hair. (This is a joke.)

More sophisticated and I can at least stand a chance in this world.

Not even going to mention the fact that I won't have a boyfriend because I think we all know the two main facts about love: 1) It doesn't exist. 2) It especially doesn't exist at BYU.

Shopping with Abby for her wedding dress.



  1. MEEEE TOOOOOO about the dating thing. This is the year of dates. I'm thinking we've got to capitalize on this...

    When I finish this master plan about how to making dating awesome even though love doesn't exist, I'll letcha know.

  2. Hahahahhahhaa okayyyyy I just barely realized that you talk about wedding dress shopping in this post. Oh goodness.

    I think my wedding is like the second coming...I always expect it to happen right around the corner, or next year, but in reality, things have to get a whole lot worse before it will happen. Also, it might not happen until after I'm dead. Food for thought.

    Word verification: Please prove you're not a robot. Envirion.

  3. hahahahhahahah love Abby's comment. Who are you planning on her being engaged to next year?

    Also, this is Hilary but my mom is logged on to gmail so it looks like it's Joanna.