March 16, 2012

beware the brides of march

I think the reason I don't blog as much anymore is because not as many things annoy me now. (I used to rant a lot) So are there less annoying people in the world or am I just a better person with a more positive attitude? (THE SECOND ONE.)

I think I am going to graduate sometime around next April so...who knows what that means. But I am really excited to go to Spain in one month! My ticket has been purchased and I bought a pretty summery dress so I'm pretty much totally ready. Honestly though if I could have one wish it would be to speak perfect Spanish with a pretty accent so I am glad to be one step closer.

It's only been two and a half months but this year has been crazy and amazing already. I honestly can't believe how much I have learned and experienced since the beginning of the feels like it's been forever and I am finally starting to feel a smidge of adulthood coming on.


Valentine's day.
I cannot jump in jumping pictures. I am on the ground in every single one.
Classic sk8ing 80's night. OBVI. (There are no pictures of actual skating because I fell on my bum and broke both my ankles I'm pretty sure.)
This was back when I was in lurve so that's why I look so crazy and starstruck and loony all the time.
Leterally my best friends in the entire whole wide world.

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