April 4, 2012

The to-do list that will never be finished

I was thinking today about things I think about doing but never actually do. Things that I want/need to do and that I (probably) could do but just don't. Why?

Things I think about doing but never do:
Quitting sugar.
Quitting diet coke.
Going visiting teaching.
Chopping off my hair.
Dying my hair.
Writing that one thank you note that I forgot to write forever ago.
Visiting my old friends at Zupas.
Reading Life of Pi.
Attending certain on-campus events.
Meeting with my academic advisor.
Catching up with my old roommates.
Calling my grandma.
Wearing jeans to work.
Getting my camera fixed.
Buying a cover for my nook.
Changing my profile picture on twitter.
Talking to that cute boy in my class/ward/twitter feed.
Changing my headlight that has been out for two weeks.
Visiting my cousins.
Taking a nap.
Planning my trip to Paris/buying tickets.
Shopping online.
Buying red lipstick.
Going to the doctor.
Showing up unexpectedly at so-and-so's door.
Looking into that half marathon in September.
Packing up some of my stuff.

It seems that most of them boil down to fear.

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