April 11, 2012

I have SO MUCH stuff to do and no car.

This semester honestly feels like not only world's longest semester, but world's longest period of time. EVER. Longer than anything!

But now it's over and I feel great about that. Good riddance, I say. Not that it was bad...it wasn't. In a way this semester has been one of the best, but it has also been A LOT to handle. Like more than I've ever had to handle, not just school-wise either. And I'd just like to be done with the overwhelmingness of it all. I'm ready for summ summ summertime. AND SPAIN.


  1. i was hoping you would pull out the dance move 'cover yo face, cover yo face'.

    this video made me super happy, i love you

  2. This video made me miss you cousin hahaha...