June 5, 2013

Days 1, 2, & 3 in NYC or "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

Yes, we made it to the Big Apple! If you have texted me over the past few days and asked me how everything is going I probably said GREAT, and it is great, but that's not the whole story.

It all started on Sunday when our flight was delayed an hour...and then another hour...and then another hour. Landing us at JFK around 10:30 PM. Fortunately the journey via the subway to our apartment went without any major incidents. Little did I know that hauling 3 suitcases through the subway would be the easiest part of the week!

As soon as we arrived we were basically starving since we hadn't eaten since about 12PM, so CJ headed down the street to our neighborhood McDonald's. Obviously. I took it upon myself as queen supreme wife to put our new sheets on the bed while CJ was gone. Everything was going well until I climbed over to the bottom right corner of the bed and CRACK CRASH BOOM BANG the entire bedframe came crashing down. I could have died...I felt like the worst wife of all time. CJ came home and I had to tell him that I broke the bed. It's about 1:30AM at this point. LOL!!! So what did we do? The mattress is connected to the bed frame by tubes (it's some fancy air mattress thing that is not very comfortable) so we did not have the option to move the mattress to the floor. So we fixed the bed and right as we were putting the last piece in it broke again. So we went through the whole process again and didn't put the last piece on and slept on it without incident. We finally went to bed around 3:30AM.

CJ woke up about 4 hours later for work and there was a rather curt note from the neighbor on the door giving us some "friendly New Yorker advice to not unpack and refurnish the apartment at 2 or 3 in the morning while our neighbors who have to work early in the morning are trying to sleep!!" Thanks, bro. Cool advice. Trust me, I wish we could have slipped quietly into bed when we got home!

Monday was one of the worst days ever. I slept so late because of the time change and everything and I was too scared to leave the house without CJ. I know, I am a dummy but I am pretty much over that fear by now as I basically traipsed through the hood yesterday while the old men kept saying "EY MAMA EY MAMI." And it was fine and I made it to the subway.

Anyway, I cleaned the apartment and unpacked all of our stuff and waited for CJ to come home. Also, our internet was down so there was actually nothing to do and I couldn't google how to get places etc because I also don't have an iphone or anything like that. McKay called me in the middle of the day and I just sobbed to him about all my problems and worries and told him he was the first person I had talked to all day. My sweet brother calling was one of the best parts of my day. Then CJ got home from work and I was so happy. For FHE CJ and I got a treat and CJ dedicated our apartment. It was wonderful.

On Tuesday I finally left the house! Dropped CJ's pants off at the tailor and went to the grocery store where pretty much everything is 4.99. BUMMER. Then I realized that my key to our apartment building doesn't work! HOW COMICAL. So I am standing by the door hoping someone comes down to leave when I think to buzz the neighbor. Yes, the same ones who had written the note. We told them what happened and they felt really bad and told us that they are in our ward and can help us if we need anything, etc. so homegirl buzzed me in. Then when I came up she asked me to return the favor and watch her baby for five minutes. So I did and now all is well with apt 614.

Then I traipsed through the wrong side of the barrio to get to the subway and this abuela helped me find which way to go. Good thing I speak Spanish! I was headed downtown to put our names in the Wicked lotto and meet CJ after work. You have to pay for the tickets with cash if you win so I hauled booty through Times Square to get to an ATM and that was pure misery. I hate tourists.

Alas, we did not win the Wicked lottery but we still managed to have a great night. We walked over to Sprinkles for buy one get one free cupcakes and ate them in Central Park...what a dream! Then we headed over to the High Line for dinner and the free stargazing that happens there every Tuesday night...amateur astronomers of NYC bring their telescopes, it's cool! We got tacos from Chelsea Market  (LOVE) and ate them at the park while we watched the sunset over the Hudson River. I LOVED High Line Park and definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the city!

We came home and were looking forward to watching Arrested Development all snug in our bed when it BROKE AGAIN. R U KIDDING ME? This time it was 10:00 so I didn't feel as bad for the neighbors but we basically just took the entire thing apart instead of trying to fix it again and our bed is now ON THE FLOOR inside the bed frame.

FFW to this morning after CJ left for work as I am sitting at the computer desk and I feel something crawl up my leg. I look down...the biggest cockroach I have seen in our apartment yet! I was so panicked that I didn't even think and I swatted it away. GREAT. Now it was loose in our house right by our bed. Fortunately I found it later and sprayed it with a vengeance.

Just some of our adventures here in Manhattan. Now I am off to meet CJ at the Gershwin Theater and put our names in for the lottery for Wicked tix. Basically my life is nothing like Friends or Gossip Girl or whatever but I DON'T CARE I LOVE IT.


    (that's a lot of laughing out loud and a little bit of I'm really sorry that your bed keeps breaking--that makes no sense, and also that NYC is cray but I am so sure you'll get used to it and love it tons!)

  2. GURL! You are having an awesome adventure and NYC is da bombbb. I am super jealous! You will cherish this summer later on in life! I wish our first married adventures were more exciting than Reno...oh well : / You guys HAVE to go to Eataly. It is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me while in NYC. Loved it. Post pics of your lair! I wanna see.