April 3, 2013

new york state of mind

unfortunately i am having a really hard time focusing on school. unfortunate because right now is what some people like to call "crunch time" or "running through the finish line" but i just like to call it "procrastination station" or "my personal hell."

i really do love school, but not the part where i have a billion assignments in each of my classes all at the same time. the real problem here is the fact that frankly, i have other things on my mind.

i'm graduating in like 20 days, going through the temple the day after that, and then getting married and moving to new york. (and by moving to new york i mean leaving every person i have ever loved except the one i love the most to go to a wackadoo place where i imagine spending my days being yelled at by strangers. "get outta my way!!!!" they will say.) how does anyone expect me to think about school??? and yet, here we are. i had a bad day and life ain't about to cut me any slack.

i know i made fun of a girl the other day for babbling on and on about how her class getting cancelled was a "tender mercy" but my wedding shoes coming in the mail today was actually a tender mercy and i don't care who makes fun of me for saying it.

now time to write my paper(s) and start throwing away all my useless belongings.

p.s. tried the no-caps thing and i actually hate it and it makes me cringe so, not going to do that again. ok.


  1. ohhh girl! You are in for it. Moving to a strange place where you don't know a soul is a huge challenge. But at least you're moving to a fun place! NYC is basically a dream. You could have had to move to Reno and THAT my ffriend is quite horrible! I must say I am jealous. But regardless of how cool the place you are moving is, it's really scary. And hard. And you will get homesick. But it will make you and CJ so much closer and you will develop such a unique bond over that. I'm so excited for you! And also happy that my newly married moving to a strange and shitty place days are over. I still live in a shitty place. But the initial part of not knowing anyone and being a mess of emotions has calmed down a bit and I do NOT miss it! Sorry. This probably wasn't very helpful. But this will be a fun adventure, no doubt!

  2. You've got lots of exciting things ahead! Graduating, getting married and moving to NYC...Wow!! Don't worry, NYC isn't as bad as they say. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings