June 19, 2013


I am constantly bopping around the internet to find great things to eat here in the city so I thought I would share the treats we've eaten so far! And what I thought was wonderful and what I thought was overrated. OK. These are not in any order.

Actually, I think I shall start with CUPCAKES.

Sprinkles YES
We all know I love this place. Make sure to read their tweets and go on a day when they have a secret code that you "whisper" to buy one get one free. Ate ours in Central Park. Bliss. Tried the lemon coconut one, it's a sham. I have found that most coconut cupcakes are a sham as they are vanilla/lemon/chocolate cake with vanilla/lemon/chocolate buttercream and covered in coconut flakes. The flakes being the only coconut component. HELLO. Flakes aren't even the best part about coconut!! So don't get that one unless you have a bizarre affinity for coco flakes. Strawberry is still my favorite.

Molly's YES
Started in Chicago and now she has an adorable little shop on Bleeker Street. Cannot beat the ambience here. But be careful if you use the bathroom because the lock does not work and someone will walk in on you. Molly's schtick is that her cupcakes are all filled! And delicious! CJ and I got the Cookie Monster one and it was really good and it has cookie dough inside so obviously it's the best choice. The frosting on it tasted like straight butter and befuddled me for a while. CJ can attest that I did not stop talking about it. "How do you think they make this?????" Side note: I have had the PB/chocolate one before too and it is also delicious.

Georgetown Cupcake NO
We kind of got off on the wrong foot because I noticed that they charge you for the box if you buy several cupcakes. That is morally wrong. I like this place because it's in SoHo and because everything is pink. I do not like this place because their cupcakes are dry. And kinda tiny. The end. Maybe I will give it another chance but probably not since I have about 100,000 better treats to try.

Baked by Melissa NOOOO
Another cupcake I am feeling a little bitter about. Melissa's schtick is that her cupcakes are ACTUALLY bite-sized. As in ONE bite. Two if you're lucky or splitting it. This is an adorable idea except for the fact that each of them costs A D O L L A R.  Is it just me or is that a little ridiculous??? I'll let u have a bite of my cupcake......FOR A DOLLAR! No, thanks. I had to try it for the sake of trying all the cupcake places and they actually are really yummy. I think the tiny size helps to keep the ratio of frosting to cake just perfect and the cake itself is REALLY moist. But I will not be purchasing any more of her teaspooncakes because...personal ethics. I tried Cinnamon and Cookie Dough, CJ had Mint Choc Chip.


Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar YES
Listen to me. Eat this. Don't share.

Cereal Milk soft serve from Momofuku NAH
I just had to try this for myself, but I do not recommend unless your favorite pastime is drinking the milk out of your cereal bowl after eating corn flakes.

Ice Cream Sandwich from The Good Batch in Brooklyn NAH
We stumbled upon this delicacy at Schmorgasburg, a food fair in Brooklyn that takes place every Saturday in the summer. They had a few different flavors to choose from and we chose the Goodwich: vanilla ice cream drizzled with fudge and sandwiched between two oat chocolate chunk cookies sprinkled with sea salt. I thought it was really good but it was TOO SALTY. I understand a little bit of salt (a "sprinkling" you might say) for contrast but this was too much for me. Either way we ate the whole thing and I mostly enjoyed it but the salt left a bad taste in my mouth (literal and metaphorical.)

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3 YEAH SURE MAYBE
Get this. But not if you have to wait very long. And don't plan to share it because there is an $8.50 minimum per person at this joint. It is noted in a corner of their mess of a menu in world's smallest print. I think if I knew that before I went I would be less put-off by it but whatever. This frozen hot chocolate, which will cost you about $9, is delicious and I think you should definitely spring for it. Plus it's one of those novelty NYC things that you "have" to do...but seriously if you have to wait like an hour or something just don't go and it's really not that big of a deal. Dunkin Donuts has frozen hot choc, too.

Cheesecake (Creme de la creme Cream Cheese Cake, as they call it) from Serendipity 3 NO 3X
No, no, no. CJ only got this because of the aforementioned minimum of $8.50 per person, and I didn't think it was very good at all. It doesn't come with anything on it except whip cream, I didn't like the crust, and it just wasn't sweet enough for me. Tasted like a bite of a brick of cream cheese to me. But CJ liked it so whatever. Just no. Get the frozen hot chocolate, do not get anything else.

Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery YEAH 3X
REALLY yummy. $5 for a cup but you can definitely split it between two people because it is so rich. CJ and I could barely finish. If you are going to Magnolia, this is the thing to try for sure!

I am in sweet sweet love with this city.


  1. Wow you are living my dream life. I am salivating. All I want out of life is to go to momofuku and eat all the cupcakes in the world. This is amazing. You are so lucky!

  2. It's like your life is mocking my life.

    But I would still appreciate a "Caitlin's Summer Guide to NYC" just in case my life decides to one-up yours.