April 23, 2012

High on life

This morning I woke up and I didn't really know where I was and when Luisa knocked on my door I was all "COME IN!" ...Obviously my subconscious doesn't speak Spanish yet. The problem is, I can't really speak Spanish but I struggle with English as well. Asi es la vida.

I got up and got ready, then ate breakfast which was hot cocoa and something like french toast but without the syrup and more crispy. Luisa is so sweet that while I was getting ready before breakfast she ran to the store just to buy me some fruit! I seriously love her. Then after breakfast we went to do the grocery shopping which was fun. After that we headed to the Plaza to pick up Katie! The bus was coming from the airport with all the students who arrived today, but there were tons of protests near the Plaza so they were an hour and a half late. It didn't matter though because I just walked around with Luisa and we talked. I am so glad she's a talker because I love hearing about her life. Today was her husband's birthday...you can tell she really loves him and misses him. She is so classy, too. Today while we were waiting for the bus one of her earrings broke and we immediately walked to a store so she could buy new earrings. It's not in good taste for a Spanish lady to be in public without earrings! I could go on forever about mi querida amiga Luisa. I feel so lucky to have her as my host mom. Not to mention the sons. (OKAY ENOUGH ABOUT THE SONS, I KNOW.)

After we picked up mi amiga we went back home to eat lunch which was basically an omelette with spinach, mashed potatoes, fruit, and bread. In Spain, lunch is the big meal of the day and we usually eat around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It's great. Then Javier (Luisa's son) and his friend Juan came over for a bit which was really fun. Javi lives with his aunt because he has a dog named Tarzan who is really big and doesn't really belong in this small apartment. I can honestly say that Javi is one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen. Moving on.

Then we went to meet up with our friends and explore the city!

 Don't remember what this is in front of. The University maybe?
 I love this picture. We were walking by the river which is more like a tiny stream. That doesn't really flow...
 This is a random gated park we found that I'm not sure we were supposed to go into. Oh, well.
 We were trying to get to our school but we got lost. Two seconds later this lady gave us directions. The map proved fairly useless.
 Everything is this beautiful. The weather is really great but sometimes the clouds cover the sun. So it's like "Oh, wow I'm so hot!" And two seconds later the clouds come and the wind blows and it feels great.
 I love the narrow cobblestone streets! Some of the roads are the same from the time of the Romans. I think. Maybe I misunderstood that factoid from Luisa. Will report back later.
 Jordan, me and Noelle. These girls are so fun and we all love ice cream! I told the man at the ice cream store that we would become friends because I am going to come there every day. He told me that I can't because I would get really fat. Thanks, homie. He also wouldn't let me sample the wine ice cream because he knew we are Mormons and he used to be Mormon. My teacher specifically told us that we CAN and SHOULD sample the wine ice cream! But I wasn't about to tell Victor that. My friend Logan said he should come back to church and he was like "I know! That's what my mom always says, too!" I want him to come to church with us if it's the last thing I do!
 Las bonitas! Today was so much fun. I am so glad that we are all starting to become friends! Lexi and Alisha live in the same apt building as Katie and I which is really fun.
Went to Spanish version of Walmart and right as we were about to leave I remembered that I am addicted to diet coke and bought a bunch. This picture really captures the love.

I am so happy and I already don't want to think about going home. I need to start taking more pictures of the food Luisa makes because it is really good. Tomorrow is orientation for school...no me importa. CJ finally gets here tomorrow and I am really excited! He is one of my best friends in the group.

Despite the fact that I am having the time of my life, I love you all and I miss you! Thanks for being so supportive and excited for me.



  1. Love this! Keep these posts coming! Kara and I watched tangled today and thought of you, then we went running and thought of you, and then we saw a billboard for a marathon and thought of you, we kind of think of you alot. ¿Nosotros estamos muy loco, si?

  2. ok good job on having a marvelous time already. keep it up! xoxo