April 25, 2012

1st day of school

School was fine. I have the hottest profesora in the world and she is super sassy! Se llama Teresa.
We took a test and I was the first one done <3 (PROUD PARENTS)
Tomorrow we are going to go to Madrid for CJ's birthday.
I went to Zara today...I was in heaven. But then I remembered that Euros are real money. I keep having to remind myself!
Katie and I walked 24,396 steps today!
Tonight we watched the Real Madrid game and they lost and I was really sad because I got super emotionally invested...I am a Real fan for life now.
I am making more and more friends every day. And having more and more fun! But tomorrow it's going to rain...hopefully I can still have a good attitude because we all know that I hate rain.
Today for dinner we had fries with hot dogs and cheese and ketchup on top. VIVA AMERICA

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  1. That picture is SO CUTE. I am in love with it. Wish I was in Spain too!