April 27, 2012


Thursday was CJ's birthday so we (Me, Katie, Lexi, Alisha, CJ) decided to spend the day in Madrid. We live about 40 minutes away by train. I fell in total love with this city!! I was worried because we didn't really have a plan, basically we were just going to hop off the train and see where the universe takes us and it was perfect! (It was actually a combination of Katie navigating and the universe doing its thing.) We hit a lot of the big spots in Madrid and I think my little heart was like crying of joy the whole time. Like everything I saw I would just gasp and be like OHHHHH MADRE MIA MIRA! I can't even...I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Also you may or may not notice that I have been wearing the same two outfits this entire time. That's because it's been kinda chilly and I'm just waiting for it to get warm so I can break out my dresses and skirts! Maybe I will go to Zara tomorrow anyways...

CJ in La Plaza Mayor.

Cathedral Almudena...I really really love this Cathedral! Maria is up top there in the middle. I think I might have been Catholic in a past life.

My first churros and chocolate on this trip. Soooo warm and yummy. (Sometimes my face seems really huge but let's just ignore that.)

 El Palacio Real de Madrid. You have no idea how badly I just want to be the Princess of Spain. She don't live here doh.

 La Puerta De Alcala. Alcala is the city that I live in but for some reason la Puerta de Madrid is in Alcala, and la Puerta de Alcala is in Madrid.

This is like...the world's most beautiful park. We are going to go back and run in the park, also rent paddleboats, also eat more ice cream. In the park. There was a man right across the way from us playing his guitar and singing Beatles songs in broken English (When I'm 64 and All My Lovin')..it was a perfect day! I am in love with this city! AND ALL OF SPAIN! HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Love that you're taking it all in. Don't you wish you never had to sleep!