April 22, 2012


I arrived in Spain today! A few things.

1. I really never know what day or time it is here or back in America. No me importa.

2. One Day with Jim Sturgess and Ann Hathaway is one of the worst movies ever. I watched it on the plane after I watched Glee in concert. I need to marry a man who doesn't think twice when I'm given the choice of like 20 quality movies and I choose Glee in 3D...

3. My mamá se llama Luisa and she is the world's sweetest. She loved the chocolates I gave her and she has two sons who are...eh hem...guapísimos. Her husband died like a month ago and she told me she is still getting used to him not being here. She mentions him every once in a while and it makes me really sad.

4. I love greeting everyone with besos!

5. It is so hard to speak in Spanish all the time. We all know I am a huge talker but I haven't talked that much since I got here! It feels like I have nothing to say. I can understand pretty much everything Luisa says, but when we were walking today and I could hear people talking it's not like i could eavesdrop because I don't understand well enough when I'm  not completely concentrating.

6. I found a frozen yogurt place...boom.

7. I already want Mexican food. Ay.

8. I stick out like a sore blonde American thumb. When I was in Russia nobody was the wiser, here they all gawk at me and I feel like a tonta!

9. I can't wait for my friends to get here!

10. Monday is Cervantes day in Spain, which is very exciting because I live just a few blocks away from the house he was born in. So it's a pretty big deal around here. Also, I am sad I missed the clasico last night but apparently Real Madrid won so hooray!

11. Also, craving barbecue right now.

I am going to go to bed to try and get back on a normal schedule if at all possible. I am so so so so happy to be here and even though it's scary I am ready to have the time of my life! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and also one of the dumbest...but I'm sure that will pass. I hope my posts will be better in the future but honestly my brain is made out of mush and mini reese's cups right now. Besos!



  2. Im so excited for you!! Im assuming you're doing study abroad...best experience ever!! Have fun!!

  3. okay...it took me a long time to figure out that "meo dio" and "me odio" were not the same thing. especially because of the way you've been hashtagging them.

    in other news: I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE IN SPAIN! my family has been pestering me constantly being like, "is caitlin in spain yet?" or "is caitlin going to skype you when she gets to spain?" or "blah blah blah caitlin?!" so i'm pretty sure they like you better than me. no surprise there.