May 12, 2011

PROOF & MileyCat

I can see why people think we're twins.
I use Jimmer as a dreamcatcher. Ya dig?
Exhibit A.

Tonight Abby came over.
We ate cookie dough, listened to Kid Cudi, took ridiculous pictures, and made a few prank phone calls. When I was 14 that's basically what I would do every weekend, but I don't think that I expected to still be doing it five years later. Am I surprised? No. Do I absolutely love nights like that? Yes.

Then we went to Canyon and Seth's house and this black cat was kind of stalking us which is pretty bad news because on Monday I accidentally opened an umbrella inside. So my bad luck is just majorly stacking up. The cat's name is MileyCat Gretel Halling but she ran away because Canyon tried to cuddle/soothe her. We fed her tuna but mostly she just drank the water. Then we played Mafia with only 4 people and it was hilarious and I literally could not stop laughing.

Basically I'm writing this because I realized that one day I am not going to be in college anymore and one day I am not going to be fun anymore so I need to be able to prove to my kids that I used to like to party.

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  1. I really did want to hang out with you guys that night!! But then I realized that I felt like I was going to throw up or fall asleep if I moved so I did nothing for 2 hours and then went to bed ha. THIS seemed much more enjoyable. Yay college!