May 18, 2011

Hello, hubby

Do my parents and siblings like you?
Do you hate the Los Angeles Lakers/Do you love the Chicago Bulls?
Do you love dogs and babies?
Do you like to go to the beach?
Are you comfortable with doing nothing for a day?
Do you like to dance around?
Do you wear flannel shirts with basketball shorts?
Do you like to read books?
Have you ever mooned someone?
Do you dabble in expressions like "damn straight" or "hell no?"
Can you handle outbursts of dancing/singing/crying/laughing/shouting?
Would you feel comfortable on a farm?
Would you feel comfortable in a large city?
Do you plan to make your first million in the next five years?

Are you a liberal?
Are you a music snob?
Do you weigh 500 lbs?

If you answered yes to the first group of questions and no to the second group of questions, feel free to ask for my hand in marriage.


  1. Good call on the no music snob one. When a guy shuts down JB and top 40 and thinks he's cool because he can ONLY listen to like...vampire weekend and such...NOE. Kill. Why can't you just accept all kinds of musics?!

  2. I noticed you didn't mention anything about gender being a requirement, so let's get married?

  3. Questions you forgot to ask:

    Does Abby like you?
    Will you accept my ridiculously contrived list of baby names?
    Are you Jimmer Fredette?

  4. Dang, guess that leaves me out... :)