May 10, 2011

I just came to say hello

My brain hurts.

I was just trying to read 71toes and I couldn't because every time I tried to read the words I would get this terrible feeling like my brain was going to explode and my stomach was going to barf.

There are probably a few reasons why this is happening.
1) I just wrote a summary of a Madison note for my constitutional research class. Have you ever read a Madison note? Hmmmmm? Anyway, it was hard.
2) I have to teach Relief Society on Sunday and I'm not really stressed out or nervous or anything I exhausted. And I am like obsessed with finding THE BEST quotes and THE BEST scriptures to use.
3) The Zupas honeymoon is officially over. Saturday was my first day of work and I got the fast and friendly award and everything was great my manager was pulling pranks on me and I fell in love with my co-worker. But today none of my friends were there and Anthony, my manager, is taking the week off and this other manager named Ben is here and he's kind of lame and Saturday must have been really slow because the rush was INSANE today. Yeesh. And now when I take naps all I think about is scooping the toppings on the salads. 'Cause that's muh jorb.

So, that's three. And I think that's enough. I kind of just want to go to bed because I think an ant farm has taken the place of my brain.

And also, it stresses me out to listen to my roommates talk about their boyfriend problems. Thank heavens that boys don't have any interest in me. And also I was thinking today that if a guy I really really would love to marry were to walk up to me right now and say WILL YOU MARRY ME? I don't think I would say yes. So. Just wrap your brain around that one. I'm the next Sheri Dew, ya'll. Whatevs. I like myself and people I like like me so it's all good.

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  1. I like you anyways. And I especially like those pictures. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who takes 'today sucked and I look awful' pictures.