April 9, 2011

Return of the Jedi

So I went back to this huge flea market to get all ya'll a little something from Russia, and guess who was waiting for me in front of his hat stand with open arms?

You can't tell by my huge smile, but today was possibly the worst day of shopping to ever exist. Annoying annoying annoying! It snowed last night and this morning, then it turned freezing rain, then to rain and the place is so huge and everyone's like POSHALSTA POSHALSTA DYEVUSHKA...and I would buy something at one stand and then ten stands down the row see something I liked better. And I have this complex that nobody is going to like what I got them. So...I thought my stress would be over once I got my souvenir shopping done, but I guess NOT. On the bright side I talked every vendor down from the original price they told me. Probably still got robbed...whatever.

But, really. If I got you the ugliest thing ever, just fake smile and pretend we're still friends. Okay?

And in retrospect, I obviously should have bought the hat I got from Alexei...but I was just in such a daze that I bought it from some random stand and then turned the corner and there he was, ready to hook me around the waist. I felt like a traitor. DUHHHH, CAITLIN.

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  1. Ha! love it, well dislike it but you get the point!