April 9, 2011

The other night I had this dream. It was a really really weird dream. First of all, I was in Seattle and I loved it. It wasn't really Seattle, it was like this dream city that I lived in. Just totally perfect for me. And I lived in this awesome apartment that was really colorful and modern and I had huge windows and I could see the entire city. And I had like a few roommates...I think Abby and our two new roommates for next year (who I have already stalked on fb, obviously). Anyway, there was this one guy in my dream who was just huge and tan, and he just thought I was like the coolest person ever. He was laughing at everything I said, and he got my jokes and he was just really cool. Which is extraordinary to me because he kinda looked tooly. You know, buff and tall and stuff like that. I think we were all getting ready to go to a party, and I thought it would be funny to put on a football uniform...not like a girl football uniform costume. It was like this old school football jersey and pants, the whole deal. And I think I even had a helmet and I looked so ridiculous. And I came out and everyone was kinda just like "Yeahhhhhh, Caitlin, okay up to your usual antics of being a weirdo." But this guy, that one guy, he was just cracking up laughing. And he started taking pictures of me and we were just having a blast I was like "Oh, yeah stiffarm pose!" and he would be like, "Pretend like you just got tackled! Oh, that is PERFECT!" And I was making these ridiculous angry football player faces and stuff and we were both laughing so hard and eventually everyone else was having fun and laughing, too.

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