April 8, 2011


I really could go on forever about this, but I will try to keep my ranting to a minimum!

American Idol this year has been aaaamazing. Really. I love it. I am obsessed.

This week was probably my favorite week in the competition because most of the contestants got really creative and artsy fartsy and just had amazing performances. (I loved Haley, Casey, Paul, and Scotty this week. LOVED.)

AND tie me up and burn me at the stake, but I literally shouted for joy when I found out (via Ingrid Michaelson's twitter) that Pia got voted off! I was so happy! Apparently, I'm the only one. Every celebrity in America and guidos and guidettes everywhere are OUTRAGED and SHOCKED and blah blah blah.

...Seriously? You thought she would win?

Look at the competition. These people are straight-up artists! You can't just be a pretty girl with good vocals anymore (SEE ALSO: ASHTON & KAREN). YOU HAVE TO PERFORM AND YOU HAVE TO BE CREATIVE AND EMOTIONAL AND PASSIONATE.

Sorry, girlfriend. But when I look at you, I see someone going through the motions of performing without actually doing it. Like, you aren't even a diva or anything...Honestly, anyone who went to a performing arts high school in New York can sing like that. Sorrrrryyyy.

And hey, to all you Pia fans out there, she's going to get a record deal. JLo will make sure of it. Don't get your panties in a bunch and chill with the petition. They aren't going to put her back on the show. And really you aren't going to remember who she is by the time season 11 rolls around sooooooooo yeah.

The judges need to step up and do their job, or else there is going to be an outrage like this after every elimination. I don't think I have heard Steven Tyler say one negative thing this entire season, he just makes really weird comments that are actually praise. For just a made-up example, "A perfect performance is like a feather in the wind. You caught it, baby. Congratulations." and JLo just loves everyone and Randy only occassionally slips in some constructive criticism which is followed by boos from the audience. Simon, I really really really miss you.

But really, once Jacob and Stefano get kicked off, I'm going to be crying at probably every elimination.

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