March 2, 2011

Tik Tok

I have been having a very emotional 30 minutes looking at old pictures and you know, contemplating life. And drinking hot milk with sugar and vanilla. And I got to thinking.

There's a time to be fat, and there's a time to be skinny and have only one or two chins.
There's a time to be tan, and a time to be a ghost.
There's a time to have beautiful blonde hair, and a time to have a mousy messy mane.
There's a time to be at Disneyland, and there's a time to be in Utah, a time to be in Richland, a time to be in Russia.
There's a time to be a social butterfly, and a time to be a hermit and read Dickens all day.
There's a time for grooveshark, and there's a time for iTunes.
There's a time to nanny the sweetest little manchild ever, and a time to...not nanny him anymore.
There's a time to obsess over other people's lives, and a time to take 500 chill pills and think about yours for two seconds.
There's a time to massage your belly rolls and listen to Radiohead. And that time is now.

All the times are okay.
Because none of the times are forever.
But sometimes it's okay to miss the other times.
There's a time for every time.
And you just have to enjoy all the times during their time because pretty soon you'll be in the middle of another time without even knowing it and you'll wonder what happened to the time that came before the time you are presently in.


  1. You are a nut. And you are exactly right. And I love you. - Mom
    PS I cannot think of a good time to be ok with belly rolls. Also, what did you think about AI?