March 31, 2011

Tell me what you know about the night terrors...nothin'.

My name is Caitlin.
I suffer from stress dreams.
Have you ever had a stress dream?
Well, let me just tell you. They are the WORST.

Think about a nightmare. Sure, it may be really really terrible while you're asleep. But when you wake up, you feel awesome! You're like, "SWEET! THAT ISN'T MY REAL LIFE!! NONE OF THAT HAPPENED!" Then you do some fist pumping and and you are good to go for the day.

But stress dreams are another creature entirely.
You can hardly fall asleep because you are so worried about something. You hope that when you do fall asleep you will be able to escape whatever is stressing you out, even if for only a few hours. Ha! NO SUCH LUCK! You have a terrible dream where the worst thing that could happen in your real life...happens. The thing you are so worried about goes horribly wrong in your dream. And then you wake up, gasping for air!! And you are still stressed. You might even be more stressed than you were the night before because before you had the dream, you hadn't even considered that things could go that wrong. But in your dream...they did. And now you have 500 more horrible possibilities to work with.

The worst part is, I don't even get that stressed out! Not about important things, anyway. But when I do get stressed out about something silly (like my first day of work at the Cannon Center which turned out to be the easiest job ever. So easy a caveman could do it.) it consumes me. Like picture someone (a huge bald man or maybe a girl with pigtails and braces) opening their mouth really wide and picture a scoop of ice cream with a face and it's screaming and it's so scared. The stress is the person. I am the scoop of ice cream.

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