March 31, 2011

5 delicious things you maybe haven't experienced

That's a Chicago dog. TRUE LOVE.

I'm obviously not a food blogger, but I do love food a lot. And I like to watch the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate on food network where people like Bobby Flay say "This is the best burger/breakfast/dessert/pizza I have ever had. And if you're in *insert food mecca here*, you should go get it!" Well guess what. My two places of residence are Richland, Washington and Provo, Utah. Do I live anywhere near food meccas like New York City, the Bay Area, Maine, or Kansas City??? The answer is NO. One day (hopefully for my honeymoon) I will embark on Burger Tour USA (vair romantic) and I will roadtrip across the country eating every burger from the burger episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate. And I will tell you which one is the yummiest. But for now, I will enlighten you with how a college girl gets her yum fix when a J-Dawg is not an option. I should mention that only one thing on this list is even maybe good for you, so proceed with caution.

1) Oreos+peanut butter.
The Parent Trap classic. Actually, that's how Abby and I found out we are long lost twins. She was eating oreos with peanut butter and I was like "NOOOOO WAY ME TOO!"

2) Brown sugar sandwich.
White bread, butter, and brown sugar. And cut off the crust. Yeesh. So good.

3) Li hing powder on pineapple.
Sometimes, I like to pretend I'm Hawaiian. Like how I danced the hula for 4 years. And how I would eat at Sweet's every day if I could. And how I almost went to BYU-Hawaii. But I digress. My friend and former roommate Jessica is from Laie and she was always introducing us to fun Hawaiian treats. One of my favorites was this pineapple! Li hing mui is a salty dried plum and the li hing powder is bright red. Sprinkled on pineapple it is SO yummy. If you can get a hold of some, try it. If you can't, put some salt on your pineapple. I heard that's good too. As for me, I'm moving to Hawaii the first chance I get. Actually...I've never been there.

4) Chips and gravy.
Also referred to as blabbity blah blah blah which is its fancy French name. You might have seen this fabulousness on the Bachelor during Ashley's hometown date with Brad. The first time I had it was when I was probably ten and we went to Nova Scotia, Canada to visit some of my mother's relatives (my grandma was born in Canada). I have been craving it ever since! You can get it at Ed Debevic's (referred to as "Wets" on the menu) if you're into obnoxious novelty restaurants. Or, you can make it at home but make sure you use brown gravy. My mom has made it for me before just using frozen french fries and a jar of brown gravy from the store. Probably not the proper technique, but sooooooo goooooooood mmmmmmm fat.

5) Warm milk with sugar and vanilla.
Call me crazy and tell me that the Myth Busters say I'm wrong, but this really does help me fall asleep! Freshman year of college consisted of some rough, sleepless nights. I remember calling or texting my mom in the middle of the night just to whine about how I couldn't sleep and I was usually in tears! Fortunately, I have the best mom in the world and she told me to drink some warm milk and I probably said YUCK and then she told me what to put in it. I have been doing this ever since! So just heat up some milk in a mug until it gets foamy around the edges, then put in a couple tsps of sugar, then a little bit of vanilla and stir it up. Don't heat it up in a separate cup! Snuggling the warm mug is part of the experience.

So, why don't you try something on this list? I promise I would never endorse anything that isn't scrumptious.

What's your quirky food combination?

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