February 5, 2011

Meow meow, Moscow

I am in Russia. Moscow, Russia. What's up, guys.

Highlights of the day:
-Being offered baskets of bananas, sun chips, twix, reese's, and pretzels every five mintues on the flight from SLC to LAX.
-Ryder shouting, "Look, everyone! Justin Bieber!" every five minutes in LAX to try and trick me, and I looked every time.
-Reading I am Number Four on the planes.
-Sleeping for roughly 10 hours on the 12 hour flight to Moscow.
-Saying thanks to our driver, Sasha, in Russian! I wanted to say it to the flight attendants but I was scared that I would say it wrong and embarrass myself.
-Driving from the airport to our house. Moscow is nothing like I expected and strangely enough, I have already fallen in love with it. There are Christmas lights on everything!

-When I tried to hand the security guard my passport he said "Oh, you're under 18 so you don't need ID." I said "Uh...I'm 19...." And he apparently just thought that was really funny.
-Mason pooping his pants on our first flight.
-Halle spilling my diet coke on me on our first flight.
-The obnoxious flight attendant on our first flight who said to me, "Hey, kid what are you reading a book for when you have TV?!?!?!?!? IS THAT A KINDLE?? Hahahaha guess not!" It was so annoying. I just replied, "I like books" and thought about how Abby would have reacted.
-People don't smile back. I smile at everyone and nobody smiles back. Except Sasha. I love him.

Basically, I'm never flying coach again (not), I love Russia, and I am safe and warm. There is a ton of snow.


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