February 7, 2011

22. Something that upsets you.

Ha. Lots of things upset me. Like...probably a million things. It's something I'm working on, keeping in mind that if I let fewer things bother me, I will be happier. Changing is always hard though, you know.

I'm not going to rant about something that makes me raging mad. That would probably hurt someone's feelings, and although I consider myself to be pretty much uncut/unrated/uncensored, I don't like to hurt people's feelings.

One of the things that upsets me most is when I feel that I can't sing. This doesn't happen very often because I feel that for the most part I can sing anytime, anywhere; however, there are three places where I usually keep my mouth shut and rock back and forth, rubbing my arms like a psycho to soothe myself.


I don't know which is the worst because I guess it depends on the day. But one time on an airplane I was listening to Taylor Swift on my ipod (TIP: If you have a problem keeping yourself from bursting into song, TSwift is not a good idea. Trust me!) and I wanted to sing so bad. I literally had to plaster my hands over my mouth to keep myself from singing. Then I whipped out my notebook and started drawing the lyrics. It helped.

I have accidentally started singing in the library before. On accident. I forgot where I was, okay? But my problem is especially nagging when I stalk someone else's iTunes library and find show tunes I really love. One time this girl had Ragtime and I listened to the whole thing and I don't think I sang a note. Talk about self-mastery!

And sometimes I just get so pumped on the treadmill I want to scream and shout my awesome jams and do fist pumps and stuff (you know the feeling) but, alas. Social norms.

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