February 2, 2011

21. Another moment.

Tonight I was talking to my parents about what I am probably forgetting to take to Russia. My mom gave the phone to my dad and we were talking...and you know how dads are, he basically told me that I probably wasn't forgetting anything and it didn't go much further than that.

Anyway, after that I was like "Oh, hey mom and dad let me tell you this funny story about what happened to me last night!" And I proceeded to tell them how these boys from the U of U came over last night and rang our doorbell, pretended they were BYU students administering a survey for their sociology class, and ended up taking us to Brick Oven Pizza for their fraternity's activity called "catch a cougar." Basically 'cause there's no cute girls at the U, them LDS frat boys come down to Provo and run around tricking girls into going on dates with them.

So I thought it was pretty funny and random. But my dad...not so much. They could have kidnapped me and killed me. I CAN'T JUST DATE STRANGERS BECAUSE THEY SAY THEY'RE FROM AN LDS FRATERNITY!

And he was totally right.

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  1. HAHAHA OMG do you know what chapter they are from?? I probably know them. We have the same activity...i have never done it though. HA!