February 12, 2011

24. Something that makes you cry.

One time someone texted me and said, "Hey, you're really rude and also you think you're better than everyone else. That's why we're not friends anymore!"

One time for some reason our family history record on our computer accidentally said I was adopted. And I started throwing a fit. My parents eventually stopped trying to convince me I wasn't adopted, and they played along. They told me my real name was Hilary.

One time I did something bad and I cried basically the entire next day.

One time when I first got to college I couldn't talk to my dad on the phone without crying.

I am a very dramatic person...and when I cry, I cry big. When I was little and I would cry my parents had to make sure I couldn't see myself in a mirror because I would just stand there and watch myself cry and cry harder and harder and harder. Once they kept me away from the mirrors, I just started looking at my reflection in shiny doorknobs instead. I don't really cry in movies or books, especially if there are people around. Admittedly, Meet Joe Black made me cry. But that was just a weird night, I think.

And right now I can't sleep...and I might just cry!

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