February 12, 2011

When I'm famous and married...

You know how famous bloggers give nicknames to their husbands? For like...anonymity? Or flair or something? Well I thought up some blog nicknames for all my potential hubbies for when my blog gets to like...NieNie status.

Justin Bieber- J.
Chuck Bass- Mr.Bass.
Jimmer Fredette- James.
TJ Fredette (if I get really desperate)- Freddy.
A Samoan (dream life) (this is not racist)- the Chief.
An NBA Player that isn't Jimmer- Mangingibig.
A Russian- the Czar.

Any other ideas of men I might marry? I think this list pretty much covers it...


  1. I just re-found this post right now. At work. And I'm trying SSSSSSOOOOOOOO hard not to laugh that it sounds like I'm hyperventilating. Oh my gosh. MR. BASS.