January 13, 2011

5. Your Definition of Love.

"Waking up at 1PM and going to take a shower and there's a turkey sandwich on the bathroom counter made just the way you like it."

"When you take apart an entire sink and sift through layers and layers of layers of hair and probably people's barf to look for a lost earring that you know isn't in there."

"Generosity and selflessness. Like, you would do anything with them just to be with them. And you're happy because they're happy. Even if it's not something you like."


That's what my friends said.

I don't think love can be defined...I don't think anyone really thinks they know the true solid definition of love that applies to every situation. I think that part of why we are here on this earth is to learn what love is and experience it in all its forms.

Love is...

Courtside Bball.
"Beautiful girls all over the world/I could be chasin' but my time would be wasted/They got nothin' on you, baby."
The sinking feeling I get in my stomach whenever I get on the plane and leave my family.
"Like I'm the only girl in the world."
Larry laughing with Chloe.
"Really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me."
Facebook stalking someone until your eyes bleed.
Dreaming that you had a baby and waking up and saying "Where's my baby? Give me my baby."
Swallowing your pride. Saying sorry.
A hug and smile and a hot pink leopard print purse from Carter.
Listening to Kid Cudi while I run.
Letters that ramble.
Being in a show. Being backstage.

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  1. Amen. Amen Amen Amen.

    Especially to FB stalking.