January 15, 2011

5. Your day.

7:30 Alarm went off. Woke up...ish.
7:56 Actually woke up and got out of bed.
8:04 Left for LaRee's house after I scraped the ice off my windshield.
Made scrambled eggs for Ryder and Mase.
Took Ryder to school.
Went to the store to get medicine for Halle.
Went back to LaRee's.
Went to RiteAid to look for different medicine.
Went to Walgreen's to look for different medicine. Talked to the pharmacist.
Went back to LaRee's.
Gave Halle the medicine. She barfed.
Changed Halle's outfit and diaper.
Went to McDonald's to get a Happy Meal for Ryd for his birthday.
Dropped the HM off at his school.
11:45 Went home. Ate 1/2 a muffin.
Ran while watching Criminal Minds.
Back to LaRee's.
Helped Mason do his nebulizer. Bribed him with chocolate.
Rested and watched TV with Mase.
2:50 Went to pick up Ryder from school. Had to bribe Mason to get in the car. I bribed myself, too.
Picked up Ryder and his friend Carson, who I actually wasn't supposed to pick up.
Took Carson home, which I wasn't supposed to do.
Went back to LaRee's and realized my blunder. Fiasco.
Wrangled a bunch of 8 year-old boys into the minivan.
4:00 Drove to Springville.
Ryder's birthday party. 20 kids and five blow-up bounce toys=chaos.
Drove back to Orem.
Drove Carson home after the party.
7:45 Back to the apartment.
Chilled with Charzie/Got ready.
Went to Zaza and got gelato.
Went to Five Guys and got a burger and fries. (I run now, so basically I can do w/e I want.)
Went to Redbox. Asian girl and her hubby tried to cut. Sooo not happening.
10:40 Back to apartment. Random party. Danced/whipped my hurr. Lame music=left.
Watched Flipped. I love the book when I read it in elementary school and the movie was so good.
1 AM Talked to Charzie. ("If you could take back one thing you did today, what would it be?")
Fell asleep on the couch for an hour.
Washed my makeup off. Brushed my teeth. Went to bed.

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