January 12, 2011

4. This is disgusting but also awesome.

What I ate today:

1 Bowl of Cinnamon Life.

1 Cheeseburger from McDonald's. (And 1 nugget that Mason didn't eat.)

1 Fun size Snickers.

2 vitamin C tablets.

1 JDawg with sauce and two pickles.

1 mini bundt cake with cream cheese frosting. (Chocolate chocolate chip from here. Mmmm.)

Judge away, people. This is my life.
PS Any advice on how to even begin packing for four months abroad? Heeeelllppp.


  1. Haha- wowzer! And My friend is a missionary, and she doesn't take hardly anything with her... just a couple outfits- the necessities... and thats it.

  2. where are you going?! lemme guess... london!

  3. Jaimie, I'm going to RUSSIA. Where you been girl????????