January 10, 2011

2. Your first love.

Well, okay. I've been stressing this post all day...not gonna lie. I even texted my mom about it last night. And I've contemplated avoiding the question by being like "Oh, football was most def my first love." But I think I'm just gonna be real and write whatever I want about whomever I want.

I'm neither cynical or delusional enough to say that I've never been in love. Or that I think I'm too young to have been in love. No. The other day I was reading an interview in a magazine with some 18-year-old starlet who said something along the lines of "I'm too young to know what love is." I think that if you're 18 and you don't know what love is, you have really missed the boat. And I'm not talking about having a boyfriend or whatever...you should just know what love is either way.

Once upon a time I was in love with a boy. And I picked out my wedding dress when I was like 14, and not just for the sake of picking one out, either. No, I don't think that's stupid. No, I don't think I was a silly little girl. I am sure I was in love. They don't make the dress I picked out anymore (pretty sure I wouldn't wear it if they did), and I don't really talk to the boy that much anymore. Probably because I was an ice queen B right before I moved. But we're still best friends. Best friends who used to be in love. And sometimes I think about it and wish things had turned out differently, but mostly I just feel sad that we don't talk. And that was my first love as far as "first loves" go. The story really is very cute.

Just as a side note, I have ruined every chance I've had at love and will probably pay for it for the rest of my life and become a dog lady. It's fine. I get how karma works.


  1. I think some people find their true love faster than others, and those who find it later get jealous of those who found it earlier, so they tell them "You don't know what you are talking about"... but in actuality we DO! I agree completely that if you haven't been "Loved" (not from a boyfriend, just anyone) by 18 and you don't know what love is, yeah you hit the nail on the head, "You missed the boat...." but well... and yes- the story is cute, but the thing is you will never forget him...

    anyways... good post. :)


  2. I completely agree when you say, "I think that if you're 18 and you don't know what love is, you have really missed the boat."
    And I think you're awesome for being able to actually post about your first love. You're awesome Caitlin.