January 9, 2011

1. Introduce yourself with pictures and words.

If I could explain to you completely how this picture of me riding an enormous fake jackalope introduces me perfectly, I totally would. But basically this is how: my tongue is out, I am wearing flip flops, and...rock on.

Caitlin McKenzie Mitchell.
Born in Richland, WA. Raised in Downers Grove, IL (mostly) and Richland, WA. Go Bombers.
College. Provo, USA. BYU.

I love singing, seriously and casually. Mostly just all the time.
I am very very passionate about pretty much everything.
I have these metallic silver high-heeled boots that I've had since I was maybe 15 and they are the defining piece of my wardrobe.
If someone said to me here's unlimited money go do whatever food-related thing you want I would try all the world's cheeses.
I really really like sports.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have faith. I have purpose.
"Before we were born,...we made certain commitments...we agreed to come to this earth with great, rich, but different gifts...Hold your soul very still, and listen to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. Follow the noble, intuitive feelings planted deep within your souls by Deity in the previous world." -President James E. Faust

Sometimes I look pretty and normal.

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