January 11, 2011

3. Your parents.

Dear Dad,
Your love for life is contagious and an amazing example. Thanks for teaching me about football and teaching me how to work. And thanks for always supporting me and making me feel like I can accomplish anything. And making me get back on the proverbial horse when I don't make the team, or the choir, or whatever it is. I remember in middle school for like a month before tryouts for the basketball team we would go to the church at the crack of dawn to practice before you went to work. And you pushed me so hard that I puked. You're the best coach I have ever had. When I ran XC in middle school I remember the meet you challenged me to run the whole way (it was one of my first meets), and I did. Because I knew you wanted me to and I didn't want to let you down. And when I didn't make Women's Chorus last year you encouraged me to try out again. You're always doing everything you can to support me and show me that you believe in me. You're my number one. I hope that the man I marry is as wonderful a father and a man as you are. I'm not sure anyone can live up to that expectation, but somebody has to! You're also hilarious and I love you so much. Sorry I get mad at your for counting my calories.

Dear Mom,
You're seriously my best friend. Thanks for buying me a dog even though you never wanted a dog, especially not one that sheds! And thanks for not giving her away even though you probably really want to. Thanks for being so chilled out and being the perfect example of someone who can handle anything. I know you probably don't feel like you have everything under control, but you do. You're the best mom ever. You are always thinking of other people...when I was flying home from Quinn's baptism I got into a conversation with the woman next to me and it lasted basically the whole flight. And at one point she was like, "What is your mom like?" And at first I had no idea what to say. But once I got started I could not stop talking about how wonderful you are. Thanks for my beautiful brothers and sister. I love that I can come to you for advice and look up to you, but also laugh and have a good time with you. You are the smartest woman I know, and I hope that I've been blessed with even a fraction of your ingenuity. If I turn out to be a good mom it will be 100% because of you. I love you so much.

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