November 5, 2010

Somebody just said, "Hannah do you already have a man? 'Cuz I'm smooth like Joe Santana."*

Three things that are very right with my life:
1. I ran into about 10 guys I knew on my way home from class. And I talked to them. Feelin' cool.
2. Next weekend I will be in Vegas. The next weekend I will be in Disneyland. The next weekend I will be in Richland and it will be Thanksgiving.
3. Every day I fall in love with a new boy, a new song, a new idea, and a new sweater.
(I would put "4. Nobody is annoying me consistently/being a nuisance!" But that's just not true. Plus, the top says three. So we'll stop here.)

Happy weekend, everyone!
*Hannah Montana & Iyaz- Gonna Get This. Makes ya wanna DANCE.

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