November 5, 2010

Get Smart

Before you read this, you must know that I have an emotional attachment to Elizabeth Smart. We were around the same age when she was kidnapped, and I prayed for her all the time when she was missing. And I remember finding out she had been found. (You know how old people say they remember exactly where they were when they heard Kennedy was shot, and what they were doing, etc etc? Yeah. Like that.) And I read a book about her and stuff. Plus she lived near Abby and my soul and Abby's soul are connected so...that probably had to do with it, too.

So she came home from her mission to testify at her trial. And now the trial is on hold/postponed/halted.

"Defense attorneys filed Mitchell's petition Wednesday night, arguing that it's impossible for their client to get a fair trial in Utah because nearly all of the prospective jurors had heard about Elizabeth Smart's alleged kidnapping and most knew Mitchell was with her when she was found." Deseret News.

I'M sorry, but everyone had heard about Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping. Are you kidding? I was like ELEVEN and I knew basically everything there was to know about it. And we were living in Illinois. It's a high-profile case...people know what happened whether they were living in Utah at the time or not. HELLO they like want to move it to Denver...that's not very far away! MOVE IT TO FREAKING TIMBUKTU AND THE WRETCH WILL STILL BE FOUND GUILTY! I love America, but sometimes I just want to tell the legal system to kiss my butt! (Sorry, Dad.)

"The question is whether they can set aside those preconceptions, view the evidence with the requisite equanimity and detachment, and most jurors can." Daniel Medwed, Law professor, U of U.

Maybe I'll take matters into my own hands and go shoot the fool myself. That was a joke.

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