November 7, 2010


So the other night, I somehow ended up in a conversation with Abby and Stanton about dates. I think it was because Stanton asked Abby to rank the date she had been on that night on a scale of 1-15. None of us have been on a level 15 date. In fact, we were wracking our brains trying to think of even a level 10 date we had been on.

Of course the conversation turned to the question: "What really is a level 15 date? Like, what makes a date so great that you give it a 15/15." It wasn't a very long discussion, but don't worry, I've been thinking about it ever since.

For me, a level 15 date would have to have lots of surprises. The whole thing would have to be a surprise, actually. Like, I wouldn't want to know the plans. I have this weird notion that anyone who I like a lot should be able to give me exactly what I want (a perfect date) without any help from me, whatsoever. (This also goes for my engagement ring. Even though I'm really really picky, I don't know what I like. So I expect my fiance to find the perfect ring for me. On his own. And maybe with the help of my mom and Abby.) To me the biggest way of showing someone you care about them is by knowing them really really well. I mean, let's be real...I wouldn't be very impressed by someone taking me on a perfect date if they knew EXACTLY what I wanted. (So am I ruining everything by posting this? And saying what I want in a 15 date? Hehe.)

The date would involve lots of things that everyone knows are my favorite. And new things I've never tried that I end up absolutely loving. You know, like Pandora. You put in your favorite song, and then it picks a bunch of songs you've maybe never heard before but you love. Boys should be like Pandora.

That's all I've really thought of. I mean, yes, the description is very general, but I'm obviously not going to come out and say TAKE ME ON A ROLLERCOASTER. You know?

P.S. There is so much AWESOME ice cream in the world that I have never tried. Gotta get on that.

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  1. here is what I have to say about ice cream:

    let's go.
    make busybeestanton take us.