November 2, 2010

Baby, you're a firework!

I'm going to Disneyland :) Hooray! Sorry to be so dramatic...NOT. If you got the impression from my last post that my mom doesn't totally rock, that's not what I meant at allllllllll. Silly.

I just informed Abby of the plight of Demi Lovato. This conversation ensued.

Me: Yeah, cutting and an eating disorder.
Abby: Awww...that's so sad...
Me: is really sad...but can I just say...chalk one up for Miley?
Abby: laugh laugh laugh...How would you feel if your best friend was Selena Gomez and you were more talented than her but she got all the glory?!?! THAT'S LIKE ME AND YOU!!
Abby: I don't get all the glory! I just get *******!

But in all seriousness, I feel really sad for D. And girls all over the world who don't think they're beautiful. I wish everyone would just stop being rude and a bully all the time, and things would be a lot a lot better. (I know there are a lot of things that affect self-esteem, but we all know bullying is a really big contributor to low self-esteem, eating disorders, etc.) And I'm sorry but if Demi Lovato isn't pretty, I really don't know who is!

HERE! Watch this awesome Katy Perry music video about how everyone is awesome and special and everything will be all better! Just a disclaimer: there is a boy on boy kiss. Not my fault.

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