October 6, 2010


This season of Glee has sucked. So hard.

Where is Sam?? He was so promising in the first episode, in fact, one of the only good parts of the first episode, and now he's way gone.

The Britney episode was great, but soooo contrived. Like...none of it was real? Everything was a trip. And that kid with the afro is so creepy and gross, and they just way overdid his weird behavior.

And last night. Okay. I know everyone hates religion and it's not cool to be religious and blah blah. The whole thing just bugged me. Boring episode. BUT. Sam was in it briefly. Maybe because he can't play football anymore he'll come join Glee! Hopefully. That's what I think will happen.

Another thing, the little Kurt was PERFECT! He looked just like big Kurt. That was very very impressive, and I liked the little montage, however, it seems like they just used basically the same arrangement of I Wanna Hold Your Hand from Across the Universe. But whatever. Rachel is annoying, and I love Mercedes.

Which reminds me, why do we have to have a boring Rachel solo every episode that is like five minutes long? I liked Only Exception but...I mean...the other two were lammeeeeee.

Hey, Season 2! Turn yourself around!