October 5, 2010

My Thoughts.

Nothing like going to dailypuppy.com and bursting into tears, yeah?

All I want. Is a puppy.

Get me out of here. And get me a puppy.

And I will always love the puppy, and it will always love me. And it won't change its mind. And even if I yell at it sometimes or forget to take it outside or don't walk it for days, it will still love me the same. As it always did. That's the beautiful thing about animals. Especially dogs. They're not like people. People get mad at you, and leave you alone, and hurt your feelings, and be sarcastic, etc etc etc.

Dogs are never sarcastic.

You know how some people have a dream home, or a dream car, or a dream job? I have a dream dog. A goldendoodle. I would put a picture here, but just google images goldendoodle puppy. And die. Of happiness.

And I mustn't forget to mention that the most beautiful dog in the world is already mine. And that I have the best mom in the world for buying a dog, even though she hates them and has to clean up most of Moo's messes, etc.

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