August 24, 2010

We could share a creme sucre...

Hey, guess what.

Tomorrow I am leaving Richland and going to school. And mother of pearl, Ordinary Girl just came on. Horrible timing. I am going to cry now. AWESOME.

I started to write about the dream I had last night, but it just requires too much other information for you to understand. So...forget that, I guess.

There are not very many things I am worse at than:
Cleaning my room.
Last time I had to do this (when I left BYU) it took days, and eventually I just rolled under my bed, cried, and drank Purple Stuff. My first deed in Provo will be to drink some Purple Stuff. YEAHHHHHHHH, BUDDY. Anyway, what I am supposed to be doing right now is a combination of those two You understand my predicament. Do you understand my predicament? That reminds me of the annoying NCAA lady for the Blind Side. That's actually why I said it.

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