August 16, 2010

This is what I am listening to.

Teenage Dream- Kitty Purry.
Easily one of my favorite songs evs. The list is long, but this one makes it. It gets stuck in your head and I love love love it.

Why Don't We Just Dance and All Over Me- Josh Turner.
Two of my favorite songs of the summer. I have to admit, my freshman year Ali Zajac would play his CD on the way to early morning seminary and it made me want to jump out of the car. Because he has such a low voice, I guess? I don't really remember. Either I've grown to love him, or he has grown into his voice and has started singing like a normal person. Whatever it is, this is good country. Perf for summer.

He Could Be The One- Hannah Montana.
Great song. Great episode, although she should not have chosen Jake. The end.

Ordinary Girl- Hannah Montana.
This song...makes me want to cry. Because this is the last season of Hannah Montana. It's like Hannah is DYING. Miley, you are a murderess. I will miss the wig.

Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars.
Hot damn. It's about time I heard this guy sing a song by himself. One of my favorite voices on the planet, easily. Plus, just a really good song. Cutes.

Blind- Ke$ha.
I like to scream this song...that's basically it. I'm being her for halloween! 'Cause my hair.

iYiYi- Cody Simpson&Flo Rida.
HAHAHAHA. This boy is so cute, and although he has a long way to go before he reaches JB status, I think he has a shot. Even though...he is awkward. 143=I love you.

King of Anything- Sara Bareilles.
The little voices and dinklies at the beginning are very catchy. Plus I just love SB. She's tight.

Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard- Paul Simon.
Honestly, I have NO idea what this song is about. But it's easy listening, fun to sing along to, and makes me shake my hair a little bit. Who doesn't love oldies, anyway. WHISTLING! There's whistling. By the way my mom asked me if I could please try to whistle like a normal person. I can, but I am not good at it. And it is a struggle. So I won't. Get used to my skiwompus whistle hole.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Miley Cyrus.
Love her. Love the song. Love what she did to it. I would love to see her play this live. Because guess what...she is awesome live. HATERS, BACK OFF.

Can't Be Tamed- Miley.
I go through guys like money flyin' out the hands. 'Nuff said.

Why Don't You Love Me- Beyonce.
Girl power. Gotta love B. The music video is awesome, as well. Abby and I are going to be B.B. Homemaker when we grow up.

The Zephyr Song- RHCP.
Maybe my fave RHCP song.

That's it today. Sorry for all the Miley...NOT. Ha. Sorry for no trendy indie music...(Once again, I'm not ACTUALLY sorry.)


  1. Just The Way You Are. also one of my favorites. obviously you are copying me on that.