September 1, 2010


Soo I saw John Mayer last night. My first reaction when I saw him..."Tyler, is that him? That's not him. I think that's someone else...Okay. Maybe it's him...Why is he dressed like a woman?" And he makes creepy faces. And he explained why he was dressed so wacky. And he is so so perfect live.

I'm really glad that TSwift didn't pop out during half of my heart cause that just would have ruined everything. HEY, TSWIFT. I LOVE YOU BUT YOU SUCK LIVE.

I wish he would have played Assassin but hey. You win some you lose some. And sometimes Bing tells you the wrong directions and you drive around for two and a half hours instead of one...

"There's some people out there in the world who think I'm a douchebag. I want names. There are no I'm just going to keep living my life like it's one big party."

I wish you could have been there. Really, I do.

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  1. "Hugs power my time machine so hug me to send us to the past"
    "What year do you wanna go to then?"
    "Take me to Brazil"