May 9, 2010

Home Depot

I LOVE Home Depot.

First of all, the smell. Don't you just love the smell of Home Depot? Especially if you walk by where the lumber is. YUM.
Second, everything MATCHES. The carts, the signs, the little aprons that the people wear are all that beautiful orange. It's so Home Depot.
Third, they play good music. Not that weirdo stuff they play in Albertson's or whatever. When I was there the other day they were playing Ingrid Michaelson. RAD.
Fourth, the people who work there know EVERYTHING. Like, you have to go to Home Depot University or something? Geniuses.
Sixth, the people watching is prime.

This store...I've never been in a store where I pretty much don't know what ANYTHING is. Like, think about it. Most stores that you shop in you go into and it's like okay, these are clothes, this is food, toys, etc. Home Depot is nuts. But the even crazier thing is that it's stuff you use/see every day you just don't NOTICE it. Like all the parts of your toilet. You know, the innards. They've got all these little bits and pieces in there and the whole place makes me just want to make modern art! Glue stuff together! Take some of these little metal things and some latex tubing maybe some electrical wire and CREATE. The whole place is just absolutely enchanting. I'm mildly obsessed.

On a different note, Home Depot is just so America to me. And we all know that I love America. The whole mentality of "Why pay someone else to do something I can do myself?" It's beautiful. Work, people. WORK. Hard work. That place just makes you feel like you can do anything. Set your mind to it, go to Home Depot and they have the stuff and then you DO IT.

I overheard this lady in there the other day buying stuff to fix a toilet. She was talking to Mel, a kind man who works there. "Are you sure this is everything I need? I'm driving two hours out to the middle of nowhere to fix it so I need to make sure I have everything?" ARE YOU SERIOUS? Goodness gracious, I applaud that woman. I APPLAUD her.

Last but not least, Home Depot reminds me of my family. My parents because they taught me about hard work and doing things yourself. And because I have been there with them many many times. My grandparents because some of them build houses, but also because they all are just simple, hard-working people, and I'm sure they've spent time in my favorite store. Plus, who do you think taught my parents about hard work?

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