May 19, 2010


You are most likely going to hate me for this post...But I am not amused by Zooey Deschanel, or as I like to call her ZOOWEY.

It's like...she's Kristen Stewart but pretty and she smiles.

This is what I mean. She plays pretty much the same character in the movies she's in. Not to mention, the characters she plays are just like she is in real life. I thought I might post some pictures, but you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. EXACTLY. The clothes, the attitude, the little VOICE she does.

You know what else bugs? I swear there was a moment in time where EVERY woman on the planet with dark hair and blue eyes looked in the mirror and had the following conversation with herself.

"I should cut my bangs straight across...then I will look like ZOOWEY. Oh, ZOOWEY. HOW I WORSHIP THEE."
*snip, snip, snip*/*trip to the salon "I'm going for the ZOOWEY look."*
"ZOMG I look like ZOOWEY! Doppelganger week, here I come!!"

You know what, I love Elf. And I love 500 Days of Summer. But I just...THESE ARE MY FEELINGS.

And I'm sorry if you feel sad now or mad at me or whatever because I know exactly how you feel because I love Justin Bieber* and people hate on him all the time! But we all have our opinions!

*He did get a tattoo. But after reading this article I feel a lot better about it. Not that it's my business. Or anyone's. Just FYI.

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