April 19, 2010

Even though I whined a ton about stupid stuff, and even though I probably didn't go on enough dates, and even though I didn't go camping or to Vegas, this year was great.

I made friends. Best friends.
I fell in love with things and learning and people and outside.
I lived away from my family quite successfully...shocker.
I don't think I gained 15 pounds?
I laughed at myself.
I cried myself to sleep.
I watched my friends open their mission calls.
I danced and sang.
I kept my room clean for like 3 weeks.

Things I will miss when I leave:
Sleepovers with Heather and Hollie
Walks with Abby
4th floor of the JFSB
The couch
My princess bed
Aluminum foil on my walls
Dance parties
Knocks on the window
Quote wall
The library
The bag lady
Making shrines to myself
Looking at wedding/engagement rings on campus
Walking to Political Science with Tess
Zaza, Yozone, Red Mango
The cave
Ridiculous decor
Going to Abby's house
Dance parties
The hill
The Bean Museum
Purple Stuff
Cafe Rio

Things that make me stoked to leave:
My house
The River
My job
Family Roadtrip back to DG
Not eating Cup Noodles
Going to bed early/at a reasonable hour
Family ward
My car!

Do I really need to mention roommates and friends in the first list, or family and friends in the second? No. Don't hate me.

I love BYU. I love life. The future is bright.

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."
--James Dean

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