February 23, 2010

Alone Time

John Mayer needs to stop distracting me from my studies! I am listening to his newest album, Battle Studies, and it is so so good.

I've had a great day today. Today was one of those days that I just felt absolutely amazing about going to BYU and being in Provo. That's probably why I haven't been able to do hardly any of my homework today.

Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago for the Catholic church, came to BYU today for University Forum. Not only did I love listening to his Chicago accent, but his talk ("Catholics and Latter-Day Saints: Partners in the Defense of Religious Freedom.") was really thought-provoking. There are 67 MILLION Catholics in the world. That is SO MANY people. There are 6 million members of the LDS church in the United States, and 7 million members elsewhere worldwide, so like 13 million. These statistics really put into perspective how much missionary work there is to do! I am so proud of all my friends and family members who have given/will give two years of their lives to help and teach others,and make the world a better place just by their lifestyle and service.

After I got home from class I walked over to the Creamery on Ninth to get ingredients for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes. It was such a beautiful day outside, and I took only my wallet and key with me. No ipod, no cell phone, no purse, etc. After I shopped I crossed the street to Subway and just ate lunch by myself. The alone time was GLORIOUS. It was just what I needed after having a rough day yesterday. There were a bunch of things that made my day today.

My Economics professor told a very funny story about how he participated in the black market on his mission to the Phillipines.

My mom sent me a facebook message with this quote from Chloe: "My hero is my sister Caitlin, because she is nice to everyone and is never afraid to try new things."

A girl in my Religion class got engaged last weekend, and she wasn't weird and annoying about it. Also, we learned about the life of President Thomas S. Monson. I love the story President Uchtdorf tells about the prophet in this talk. Such an amazing man! I love him.

I got an 82% on my Book of Mormon test. I didn't do as well as I expected, but I realized how much I have learned from taking this class, and how much daily scripture study and prayer have affected my life.

When I left the house, I heard Halo blasting. I looked around to try and figure out where it was coming from. The grounds crew (5-6 GUYS) was blasting it from their truck and singing along. It was HILARIOUS, and it made my day.

When I was at Subway, I left my bag of groceries at a table, and I knew nobody would mess with it. I left my wallet at the table when I filled up my drink because the place was just full of good people.

The man in front of me was bringing his two kids to lunch, and they got to pick everything on their own sandwiches. He was a really good dad, and so nice to the one lady working even though there was a huge line and she was taking FOREVER. Nobody got upset with her.

When I was walking home from Subway I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street. I put my bag down next to me and another student was about to run by, and I moved my bag so it wasn't in his way. He smiled, and said "thank you" as he passed.

Abby got a ten-page letter from her boyfriend Paul, who is on his mission. It's the first letter she's gotten from him since he left for Argentina ten weeks ago, and she was so happy. That made me happy.

I made cupcakes and they are delicious.

I am going to watch figure skating.

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  1. good for you to find joy in the simple things! spring in provo is beautiful--i can't wait for you to experience it!