February 22, 2010

Ice Dancing Katy/Zooey.

In a fit of rage today I turned off my phone and deactivated my facebook. My phone is staying off for a few days, but I turned my facebook back on. Let's face it, I have to stay connected somehow...I suppose. Complicated situations with a few people in my life, hurt feelings, and me not being able to handle it=phone. off. I guess it's good to just disconnect for a while, think, and breathe. People in my immediate presence drive me crazy enough as is...I don't need the long-distance drama.

Lately, I've been watching the olympics. And it's so crazy to think that while I sit in my living room watching, someone is winning a gold medal...and somewhere else people are falling in love, and a woman is having a baby, someone is dying, someone is falling on their face in public, someone is going on a shopping spree, someone is getting married, someone is having a sleepover with their best friend, someone is ruling a nation, someone is underground trying to destroy a nation, missionaries are preaching the gospel, and people are hearing about the gospel, someone is writing a song, someone is firing a gun, someone is saying goodbye, someone is crying, a baby is taking her first steps...the world is a huge, amazing place. Life is crazy. And short. And each person is in control of his or her own life.

And I said something on my facebook about dropping out of college and becoming an olympic figure skater...and some people took me seriously. Which was weird. But then I started thinking about it and I realized that I totally could do that...I mean, maybe I wouldn't ever make it to the olympics. But if figure skating was what I really wanted to do, I would do it.

Something that bothers me, when two people obviously like each other, but are both scared out of their minds. They insist on being together all the time, they flirt incessantly, throw things at each other, text non-stop, etc. etc. etc. AND TO NO AVAIL. That is the most irritating thing. And I am probably a hypocrite. But whatever.

Listen to this song: True Affection- The Blow.


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