February 26, 2010

Even though it's a struggle, love is all we got.

First of all, let me just say. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. I think he is adorable, and I think his voice is great, and his music never fails to cheer me up. Oh, and I follow him on Twitter. Because he is funny and likes Chuck Norris jokes.

On facebook the other day one of my friends posted a status about Justin Bieber kindof bashing him because my friend had just seen a JB music video for the first time. One of the comments said,
"i feel you. this kid represents so much of what is f***** up about the music industry (alongside other manufactured sh** like lady gaga and whatever the disney channel puts out). i'm not sure if its the little faggot himself that makes me rage or if its the silliness of teen girls and their groupthink."

Okay, first of all, if you think Justin Bieber and the Disney Channel are what is f-ed up about the music industry, you need to pull your head out of your butt. What about pornographic music videos? Hideous lyrics? The degradation of women in the Rap/Hip-hop industry? GET A GRIP. The filth that has infiltrated our society is what's wrong with the music industry.

In my mind, music should serve one or all of a few purposes.
1) Make you happy.
2) Make you dance.
3) Make you want to burst into song.
4) Make you reevaluate your life, or just think deeply.
5) Bring the Spirit and be a prayer unto the Lord.

For example, 1) Justin Bieber makes me happy. He makes girls ALL OVER THE WORLD happy. He is a sweet boy who loves to sing and got famous via youtube because he has a great voice.

2) I do not approve of Ke$ha, but I like SOME of her songs because they are stupid and catchy and make me want to dance.

3) When I listen to Once on This Island or pretty much any musical it takes all my self-control to not burst into song while I'm walking on campus. If I'm at home, I burst into song.

4) I love listening to songs with beautiful, poetic, heart-wrenching lyrics. BUT I don't think that all music MUST be this way, as proved by points 1-3. That would be ridiculous! Sometimes, when I listen to music, I don't WANT to think about the deeper meaning of life, or love, or whatever and that's what ALL THE OTHER MUSIC IS FOR! IT'S FOR 1-3. IT'S FOR MAKING YOU HAPPY. AND MAKING YOU LOVE LIFE EVEN IF IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. But sometimes, when you are feeling sad or contemplative or whatever, this artistic, thought-provoking music is perfect.

5) Hymns and Primary songs and stuff serve most purposes, depending on the song. The only one that is debatable is number 2, because most of the time, Hymns don't make me want to dance. I don't listen to hymns all the time, but I do love them.

POINT IS, I love music. And I cannot STAND when people are snobs about music, or anything really. If you don't like it, NOBODY IS MAKING YOU LISTEN. BUT, I think if it makes other people happy, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? WHAT'S THE BIG FREAKING DEAL? Chill out. Use your cruel words on someone more deserving, like politicians. NOT ADORABLE 15-YEAR-OLD INTERNATIONAL SUPER STARS.

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  1. The problem I have with Justin Bieber is that he doesn't keep his word. He says he's gonna tell me one time, and then proceeds to tell me way more than one time. More like seventeen times. I really think if you're going to tell someone that you're going to tell them one time, you should tell them one time and only one time.