November 15, 2009


Today, Abby and I went to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) and volunteered in the Referral Center, also known as the Call Center. Here, missionaries and volunteers can chat with people who go to and choose to chat live, like if they have questions or whatever. Also, people can call in, and you call people who have requested a Book of Mormon, DVD, Bible, or visit from the missionaries, and make sure they received their free stuff. It was a really cool experience, also very interesting and nerve-wracking at times. Someone asked me if I was a nun, where I get my nun dress, etc. Which was obnoxious and ridiculous. Someone else asked me if you take a train to the spirit world, or if you fly. Those were on chat. A lot of the people I talked to on the phone were really great, and seemed interested, which is not what I expected haha. It's amazing how many people are searching for answers about God and life after death and stuff, and how many people actually turn to the gospel for these answers. I could sit in that room all day and just talk to people! It was so great, I'll definitely go again. Even though I felt like a muggle in the middle of Hogwarts while walking around the buildings and in the hallways and stuff.


I have so much to do before I get to go home on FRIDAY! Since I have a few big assignments to turn in early, and cleaning checks tomorrow night, I decided to try my best to do all my homework yesterday and today. I'm starting today's load at 5 and I am dreading it deeply!

The cleaning check is my most daunting task this week. Not the 10-page research paper. Not the 500 chapters I had to read in the Book of Mormon. Not my 20 hour research project for my Family History class. CLEANING CHECKS. Why? Because I have to clean out the fridge!!! Can I just tell you that the fridge in my apartment is possibly the most CLUTTERED, NASTY, DIRTY fridge of all time? Just to give you an idea, the other day I was looking for my turkey (yes, THAT turkey), and I couldn't find it anywhere in the fridge so I started taking stuff out. Much to my surprise and disgust, a small glass of milk spilled all over the shelf and my arm as I reached into the deepest corners. NOT ONLY was the milk probably weeks old and partially solidified, but there was COOKIE CHUNKS in the bottom of the glass. Needless to say, I was repulsed. I kept looking, and found a can of green beans that had been opened, covered in plastic wrap, and put in the fridge...WEEKS AGO. There was white moldy film BUBBLING on top!!! Get the idea? I thought so.

And here I am in Periodicals, where I swore never to go, about to launch into a research paper that I will write in one sitting. No more breaks!

P.S. Gave blood today! I love that :)


  1. 1. there should be an apartment law about putting opened cans or glasses of milk in the fridge. nasty, messy, and didn't anyone learn about botulism in freshman biology?!

    2. procrastination...tsk tsk tsk...some people never learn.

    3. so glad to hear about working in the MTC. sounds cool, and i'm sure you were good at it.

    4. get everything done so we can see you SOON!

  2. that is so DISGUSTING about the green bean can with bubbles at the top.