November 22, 2009

Step Into Christmas!

I made it home! If you were wondering.

Soooo saw New Moon on Thursday at midnight. It was SO GOOD. Even though I have read the books, and knew what was going to happen, I was still devastated when Bella turned down Jacob and chose Edward. Not that Bella deserves either of them. At all. ESPECIALLY not Jacob. But anyway, New Moon is my favorite book and I loved the movie. That's my point. We waited outside for 3 hours to see it--worth it.

I just realized that I wrote that New Moon is my favorite book. WOW. NOT TRUE. Let me clarify, New Moon is my favorite book in the Twilight SAGA. Whew.

Anyway, I love being home. Yesterday I got to see my bestest friends and it was awesome. AND I found out that this ice cream place by my house called Sweet Treat has frozen yogurt! And their Pumpkin flavor is better than Red Mango's! WOW yum yum yum.

I've been listening to/watching Chloe practice her audition song and she is doing so well! I can't believe it but I almost cry everytime I watch her perform her audition song, "Maybe" from Annie. She is such a talented girl and I am so proud of her!

Listening to Christmas music :)
Moo ran away :(

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