November 28, 2009


Well, I am back in Provo after a week in paradise for Thanksgiving break. That "paradise" remark is not sarcasm, I assure you. I got into town at like 1 AM Saturday, and I left at like 7 AM was a good visit. Mostly I just loved being in Richland with my family.

On Thanksgiving we saw the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was very very weird, and even though I fell asleep for like 10 minutes I still enjoyed it. Like 15 minutes into the movie my dad said SO LOUD, "This is WEIRD." and the people behind us were cracking up at his little remarks. Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday. My favorite time of the year is October-January 1st. LOVE IT.

Yesterday...I did little to nothing productive. I read some of Boyd K. Packer's The Holy Temple for my family history class, but that was really pretty much it. The thing is though, not only was I not doing anything productive, I wasn't doing anything fun either. So I'll have to work on that...I did, however, go to In-n-Out to get a milkshake (of course I ended up getting a burger as well). That's fun..? Oh well, I guess I will just have to suffer today to get the things done that I need to...after I go to Target after class! Hopefully I don't spend tooooo much money :)

This weekend I stayed at Heather's house and on Sunday night we went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights! So pretty.

"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings." --H. David Burton

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