November 4, 2009

Oh, Thomas J.

I just registered for my classes. Because a lot of the classes I wanted before were full, I changed my schedule tonight and I love it! I got all the classes I planned out a few hours ago, and the best part is that I have NO CLASSES ON FRIDAY! I'll be taking 15 credits. Human Development, Physical Science, American Heritage, Book of Mormon, Career Exploration, The Living Prophets, and Intro to Food Science! My earliest class is at 9:30, and that's only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am going to be livin' large next semester...If only I could make it through tomorrow's 8AM class :/

Today in Polynesian Dance we started Tahitian, and it was a WORKOUT. Wow. I took my Book of Mormon test, then went and slept and did homework in the library..and the nap was great. My cell phone randomly stopped working which was really really stupid. I guess it was something with T-Mobile. Anyway then I came home and watched Penelope and My Girl. Both great movies...the part that really got me in My Girl was when Thomas J's mother gives Veda back the mood ring that he was wearing when he died and it's blue. I lost it. Completely. And then I started planning out my new life for next semester and registered for classes which took wayyyyy longer than it should have.

Graham Canyon ice cream is soooooo yummy...Today was a pretty great day. Beautiful weather...I wish it would last. I was surprised by a package from Mom and Dad...dark chocolate covered macadamias from Hawaii! HOORAH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I just have to find the perfect hiding spot to keep them from Abigail...

I need to go to bed soon. Blech. I wish my new classes could start tomorrow. I've started a countdown in my planner for days until Christmas break, and days until Thanksgiving break. The key word is break. I need one. HA. As if watching two movies in a row today wasn't a break...and a one hour nap...Let's not forget life's little pleasures, yeah?

I watched a video from our road trip to Powell of Chloe and I doing our Love Story dance and it made me miss her. I love her to death.

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